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Postal consignments

We pinpoint that the service for postal packages is managed directly by Poste Italiane SPA, which carries out the customs clearance of consignments coming from third countries in local clearance procedure, being responsible for the correct functioning of the customs operation. The role played by the Customs Agency  in matters regarding international postal consignments consists in monitoring the proper use of the authorization granted and the related independent control on some consignments even if, unfortunately, wrong information is often supplied  as to the circumstances of the stop of postal packages at the customs.
Hence, whatever request of information, relating to postal packages consignments, must be addressed to Poste Italiane SPA, contacting the following addresses:
Centro Smistamento Internazionale Milano Linate
Call Center Poste Italiane 803160
numero dedicato alle spedizioni 848.800.898
tel. 02.70203703/04/05 fino al 34 finale
fax: 02.70203701/702
Gateway Internazionale di Lonate Pozzolo
Call Center Poste Italiane 803.160
numero dedicato 840.000.160 (con addebito del costo dello scatto alla risposta), indirizzi e-mail: relpublonate@sda.it; lonate-supervisor@posteitaliane.it; lonate-verifichedogana@posteitaliane.it
Finally, it is important to underline that the Customs and Monopolies Agency is not responsible for  the lack of information related to packages pending their delivery by the company Poste Italiane SpA, nor is it responsible for the difficulty in contacting staff in charge of managing postal consignments, since staff entitled to carry out such a task is employed by the company Poste Italiane SpA and it is not staff employed within the Customs and Monopolies Agency.