Surveillance and Anti-fraud activities

The ADM is in charge of designing intelligence and risk management models in order to fight against tax evasion. It also prosecutes non-tax related crimes involving the traffic in goods and currencies – including digital ones – as well as the production chain of alcohol, mineral oils, electricity, natural gas, tobacco and the gaming sector. Therefore, thanks to its close cooperation with the Italian police and several other international bodies, the Agency has the right to carry out inspections and criminal investigations deemed as necessary by either the Judiciary or the European authorities.

Fight against illegal gaming

The Agency chairs the Committee for the Prevention and Suppression of Illegal Gaming, Game Safety and Protection of Minors (Co.PRe.G.I.), helping the law enforcement agencies carry out their duty throughout the Italian territory. It is also a permanent member of the Sports Betting Information Unit (UISS) in order to protect the sporting sector, and all its related betting activities, from any type of match-fixing agreement.

International projection

Due to the nature of the Agency itself, the ADM’s international projection widely exceeds that of other national governmental bodies. The Agency collaborates with European and international organizations, as well as with similar institutions in both EU and third countries, taking part in several European programs – such as Customs, Fiscalis and Talex – and managing some institutional cooperation instruments, such as twinnings and technical assistance projects. In addition, its officials are frequently assigned abroad, having to work for a set amount of time for other institutions, such as Italian embassies and consulates general. While carrying out their duties abroad, these officials are collectively referred to as ADM attaches.

 Customs duties and related services, taxation and excise duties in the Energy, Alcohol, Tobacco and Gaming sectors

The Agency is responsible for identifying and collecting taxes and duties that are normally included in the state annual budget, as well as those that are intended to be part of the EU's own resources. Therefore, the ADM manages all authorizations, concessions and services relating to the Excise, Customs and Monopolies sectors, thus verifying the fulfillment of several administrative and fiscal requirements by all market operators.

Fight against counterfeiting

The ADM routinely carries out surveillance, repression and awareness-raising activities in order to crack down on counterfeiting of goods and services, as well as to protect the Made in Italy brand through actions and cooperation projects – see the Glass House – aimed at encouraging consumers to opt for safer and informed purchases.

 Chemical laboratories

Having in mind the protection of public health, the Agency manages several State-owned chemical laboratories, which support all ADM’s surveillance and anti-fraud activities in the Excise, Customs and Monopolies sectors. They help the Agency supervise those business activities taking place along the Italian customs borders, generally pertaining to the supply chains of energy, alcohol and tobacco products, as well as other sensitive goods.

Management of seized assets

The ADM manages the assets seized as a result of violations and offences pertaining to the Excise, Customs and Monopolies sectors, along with those entrusted to the Agency by other government bodies or by the Judicial Authority. It therefore takes care of all related administrative procedures related to these assets, including their forced sale, disposal and transfer to other government bodies and authorities.

Technological innovation

The Agency deals on a daily basis with the digital transformation of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies sectors, including the related services provided to all users. Innovation plays a key role in the overall performance of all ADM’s supervisory and control tasks, as it favors a complete interoperability with market operators and other bodies and authorities in all areas of competence.